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School Representation

Representing Clients in New York & Nationwide

If not properly handled, the mandates of federal and New York law can lead to a significant drain on your district’s limited resources. Just giving a parent anything he or she asks for not only may not help the child, but will cost time and money. But just resisting without appropriately communicating why or how your alternate solution will meet a child's needs can lead to increasing tensions and even a lawsuit. Worst of all, not responding pro-actively to a developing situation can cause that situation to spiral out of control, leading to potentially expensive litigation.

At Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP our primary goal is to help you best meet the needs of all the children in your school district. By helping you design good, creative solutions for meeting special needs children, we can then help you defuse conflict and avoid litigation. When necessary, however, we can also provide specialized legal representation during litigation over special education.  Please contact us today for a consultation.

Stopping Problems before They Start

In our experience, our school district clients have found that early discussions with our firm, when a potential problem is first suspected is very cost-effective. At that early stage, pro-active strategic and nuanced actions frequently avoid costly legal conflicts. Together as a team, we look to address parent concerns and emotions while meeting the practical realities confronting the District.

Further, we can perform in-services and seminars to educate personnel in the school district about the best strategies for working with parents of children with disabilities. The goal, of course, is meeting the needs of children, not parents, but it is the parents who are in the driver's seat, and it is important that they see how you are trying to meet their children's needs. At times they may seem unreasonable, but often they will change their position if they feel their concerns are acknowledged and that you have their children's best interests at heart.

Experienced Help

Special education is a unique area of law, and attorneys without experience may have a hard time navigating the case law and seeing possibilities for creative solutions, or opportunities for positioning the district for a better outcome. Instead, you can hire Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher to assist you, while continuing to retain your board attorney. Our firm does not practice all areas of education law. We focus our practice on disabilities law, particularly special education law. Our experience in this specialized area makes us knowledgeable and cost-effective - and our clients appreciate being able to call us at any time rather than relying on an attorney less experienced in this area, or relying on one law firm to try to meet all their legal needs.

To learn more about how Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP can help your school district balance the needs of all children in your district and your limited resources, please call or email us today.