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Meeting the legal needs of people with disabilities, their families, educators and service providers is a complex and constantly changing area of law. The attorneys at Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP, concentrate our practice in this particular field. This enables us to stay current with the many changes in Federal and State law and regulations and with the numerous decisions that stem from administrative reviews and courts.

The attorneys at Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP provide cutting-edge, thoroughly researched legal advice to individuals and corporate entities regarding Special Education; Regular Education; Wills, Trusts, and Guardianships; Probate; Not for Profit Corporation Law; Health Law; Disability Discrimination, and Vaccine Law. For example, in the area of special education, we handle virtually every type of special education law matter. Complex cases involving discipline, unilateral placements, evaluations and eligibility determinations, FAPE disputes, transition, and all other substantive issues involving the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act are routinely handled by our firm.

While an attempt is always made to informally (and formally) resolve concerns to the benefit of our clients with a minimum of conflict, the attorneys at Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP have the necessary experience to see a matter through litigation - whether through Administrative Hearings, Appellate Review or before the Federal and State Courts.

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