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Special Ed Lawyer

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To help protect your school district from the adverse effects of special education litigation, please call or email the lawyers of Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP today.

Heading off Litigation

Obviously, the best way to avoid the expense of litigation (hearing, appeal, court) over special education is by preventing it altogether. For this reason, we often recommend that school districts take advantage of our special education consultations at the first sign of trouble with a parent or student relating to an IEP, services, accommodations, or discipline.

By the time you are contacted by a parent about a request for a due process hearing, a discrimination lawsuit, or other similar actions, it may be too late to prevent the lawsuit from going forward, but it may not. In some cases, an appropriate recognition of the parent's concerns may be enough to encourage a parent to participate in mediation or accept a settlement proposal that is carefully crafted.

Why Hire a Special Education Lawyer

Hiring an experienced special education lawyer to help mount your defense is a cost-effective solution for most school districts. Your school board already maintains one or more lawyers, but most likely these general board lawyers do not have substantial experience in special education law. Unfortunately, many lawyers don’t know what they don’t know. We have years of experience with the intricacies and nuances of special education law. For cost-effectiveness, and for the best outcome, use of attorneys who focus their practice in special education law is a must.

All of our school district clients find that hiring special education lawyers such as us to handle these cases pays for itself many times over.

Effective Advocacy

Even if we are unable to stop the progression of the lawsuit, we can help your district mount the best possible defense against a parent's hearing complaint or lawsuit. We can represent you in a due process hearing and continue to represent you through the appeals process if necessary.

Although we prefer to enter the process at the earliest possible moment, we can step in at any stage to help your school district. Even if you have already had an unsatisfactory ruling before an impartial hearing officer (IHO), we can help you consider the ruling, the facts of the case, and decide whether an appeal is in your best interest. If you want, we can also represent you in that appeal.

If your school district is being faced with a difficult special education issue, the sooner you get experienced, knowledgeable help, the more likely it is that we can assist you to achieve a favorable outcome to the situation. Whether you need help heading off a lawsuit, fighting one, or on an appeal, the lawyers of Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP can help. We represent school districts throughout New York State (outside Erie and Niagara Counties).

Please call or email us today to schedule a consultation.