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Certificates of Incorporation

Representing Clients in New York & Nationwide

Articles of incorporation establish the legal identity of a non-profit organization, enabling it to operate and pursue its mission, own property, form and execute contracts, and transact business with individuals and other organizations. Therefore, this document is extremely important as it creates the legal foundation for your non-profit. The attorneys at Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP have extensive experience in assisting with contracts and regulatory compliance, and can help your organization form and amend its Articles of Incorporation.

Creating a Firm Foundation

Your organization’s Articles of Incorporation are the legal bedrock on which it is built. Well-crafted and legally sound Articles of Incorporation help to ensure good governance, protect the organization from malfeasance, and help to establish tax-exempt status. With the help of Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP, you can establish your non-profit as a sound and effective institution.

Changes within a non-profit organization sometimes necessitate alterations to the organization’s founding Articles of Incorporation. If your organization has expanded its services, broadened its geographic footprint, or undergone a significant change in funding sources or financial structure, you may have outgrown your original Articles of Incorporation. The non-profit corporation legal team of Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP has the knowledge and experience to help your organization adapt to your growing or changing operations.

Providing for the Future

In creating or altering Articles of Incorporation, Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP can help your organization plan and prepare for anticipated growth and change. With a forward-looking perspective, we will help you craft Articles of Incorporation that provide for existing needs as well as future challenges. As your organization develops and matures, our attorneys will continue to provide excellent legal support and guidance. We want to enable your organization to focus on its essential mission with the peace of mind that comes with a solid legal foundation and qualified, professional legal counsel.

If you are starting a non-profit organization or are dealing with significant changes in your organization that may require alterations to your Articles of Incorporation, please contact Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP today to find out how we can help your non-profit.