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About Us

Representing Clients in New York & Nationwide

The law firm of Goldstein, Ackerhalt, & Pletcher, LLP is dedicated to providing legal assistance to those who serve individuals with disabilities, including educators and non-profit organizations. Our lawyers' extensive experience in working with the legal issues surrounding people with disabilities allows us to help you do your job while navigating the complexities of the law.

Services We Provide for Educators

Special education law is complex, and many school districts do not have the legal experienced assistance they need. However, focusing our practice on disabilities law (and particularly special education) allows us to advise, consult, and represent school districts more effectively than most board attorneys. Goldstein, Ackerhalt & Pletcher, LLP is proud to help school districts with the following issues and many others:

Obviously, it's best to avoid litigation, and we can help you analyze nuances and negotiate with challenging parents so you can find an agreeable solution that won't break your budget. And if you need to litigate, our experienced and knowledgeable legal help is a cost-effective way to defend your district.

Services We Provide for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Goldstein, Ackerhalt, & Pletcher has extensive experience in creating, advising and representing non-profit corporations. We provide many legal services for non-profit organizations, including:

Our experience working with special education and other disabilities laws, as well as Not-For Profit Corporate Law, makes Goldstein, Ackerhalt, & Pletcher a an insightful, dependable and understanding provider of day-to-day legal services for non-profit organizations. And if a case arises that demands even more specialized legal help, our relationships with other sub-specialty attorneys enables us to recommend and help you obtain the best legal help for your situation.

If you are an educator desiring legal services related to disabilities or special education, or a non-profit organization looking for legal help, Goldstein, Ackerhalt, & Pletcher can help you. Please contact us today to learn more.